What happens at the Sunday Celebration?

Sunday @ 10.30am
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Sunday at 10.30am is the regular weekly time when everybody who belongs to our church community gets together to celebrate what God has done in the week just gone and what He’s going to do in the coming week!

The service starts at 10.30am and is usually finished by 12pm, with refreshments available before and after the meeting.

There is not a set format for our meetings… though we usually include a welcome, notices, praise&worship, a speaker and ministry time.

At Love Stoke Church, we have a strong emphasis on being together as family and spend time intentionally relating with each other, during our meetings as well as throughout the week.

Children & Young People

Children and young people are an important part of our church and are encouraged to express their faith as part of our community.

At present, we do not have separate children’s groups, though we are very child-friendly and your children or young adults are more than welcome to join in with you in the Sunday Celebration meetings.

Taking Part in Communion

Every other week, we celebrate breaking bread, or Communion, together. This is based on the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples. Anyone who loves Jesus as their Lord and Saviour is invited to join us in this.