This happens in lots of different ways…meeting up for a coffee, having toast together at church, meeting at one of the weekly groups such as ‘knit and crochet’ or ‘Happy Faces,’ or arranging a gathering at someone’s home.

We love to look out for each other and have a dedicated Support Lead to oversee the pastoral care of those who are actively involved in the church.

Being part of a family, we love to spend time together, intentionally relating with each other.

Sometimes we are running through life… sometimes we are walking… sometimes we are training… sometimes we are partying… sometimes we just need to don our slippers and do some relaxing…

BE. – Ladies Events

Life is a journey and we are on it together!

Whatever season you are in, you are invited to join us in our monthly events, and be part of building stronger connections & relationships with other women, encouraging each other and having fun together… knowing it’s ok to just BE.

There are no expectations from us for you to be anything other than who you are… we’re all different, and that really is fine!

Please come along, even if you think you wouldn’t enjoy an event, as you may be pleasantly surprised… and we’re sure you’ll be blessed, or bless someone else by being with us!

Be. is the Ladies ministry within the CGi network of churches of which Love Stoke Church is a part.

Accelerate – Men’s Events

We watch a movie, share a pint or just gather at someone’s house for a get together.

Please feel free to join us anytime!

The men at Love Stoke Church meet up on an adhoc basis, usually every couple of weeks.

Life Groups are a great way to build relationship, as well as developing faith.


Life Groups

At Love Stoke Church, we run Life Groups in 6-10 week blocks, so you are only committing for a relatively short period of time.

This also gives the opportunity for people to move on to a new group, to continue building relationships and changing group dynamics.